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The food culture of our city is robust and unique. The amusing diversity of California food varieties has inspired Chef Cesar to unite, adapt and simplify components of various cuisines into his own personal style. Most of SoCal residents, as well as the visitors, have tremendous appreciation for food artisans, farmers' markets, and local farming. This health-conscious movement was one of the major influences on Chef Cesar's Cuisine. Simple hearty recipes prepared with fresh ingredients and spiced with custom blends of herb mixes and home sauces makes our food strikingly delicious. 
Chef Cesar's professional experience stretches over 15 years of intensive training and leading positions at LA's hottest restaurants like BOA Steakhouse, Pizzeria Mozza, BLT Westwood and the Abbey Food and Bar. Being a true California chef, Cesar knows how to make use of coal seasonal produce. Some of the items on our menu are available only at certain times of the year and we often feature extra menu specials and promotions to highlight seasonal ingredients. By buying in-season produce we support local farmers and our consumers can rest assured that they get freshest products at reasonable prices.

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