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About India Jones

India Jones Chow Trucks are gourmet food trucks serving authentic Indian street food throughout Greater Los Angeles and Beach cities. The well respected Chef Sumant Pardal, the owner, hails from a family of restaurateurs in India and has been cooking for 38 years. Over the years he has owned & operated several restaurants in Los Angeles, including the famous East India Grills, Tufaan & Tiger Lily and has long list of accolades. Now, at India Jones, he specializes in Indian street food, particularly frankies: a roti is wrapped around fillings like lamb, paneer and mushrooms to form what the Zagat Guide’s blog calls “the Indian equivalent of a burrito.” His famous butter chicken, a mild tomato & cream curry served with rice, is also a staple of the India Jones menu.



Aloo Tiki Chaat
Aloo Paratha
Butter Chicken
FRANKIEAn indian Roti (flat bread), egg washed & rolled up like a burrito with chopped onions, tamarind chutney & one of the following items:LAMB / CHICKEN / BEEF / SHRIMP / PANEER / MUSHROOM & CHEESE
Masala Fries
Nan Bread
Saag Paneer
Spinach Pakora
Taco ChaatInspired by street foods of India, these crispy blue corn tacos (two) are filled with sweet chili slaw,tangy & spicy chutneys, raita, chopped onions & cilantro topped w/ chickpea vermicelli LAMB / CHICKEN / BEEF / POTATO
Veggie Coconut Curry
Home Style Curry

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