San Diego Food Truck

San Diego Food Truck Eats

Sweet Potato Rolled Tacos from Eat Your Heart Out

Caramelized onions, vegan cheese, house-made vegan chipotle aioli, shredded lettuce and vegan kimchi on a freshly made corn tortilla.

SHE'S SMOKIN! from Baby's Burgers

1/2lb Maneater w/Smoked Cheddar, BBQ Sauce, Crispy Onions, and Bacon

Gangnam Style Flat Iron Steak Bowl from Seoul Man

Certified Angus Beef Flat Iron Steak, Heirloom Rice, Korean Radish in Wasabi Rice Wine Vinaigrette, Scallion, Shredded Carrots, Bourbon Katsauce, Spicy Micro Greens & Roasted Sesame Seeds. Gluten-Free.

Yo Philly from Born in Brooklyn

Sweet sausage with grilled onions and peppers on a hero

BBQ Chicken Sandwich from Devil Dogs BBQ

Delicious chicken smoked over gourmet blend of wood and seasoned with a special blend of spices with just the right amount of seasoning to let the smoke flavor show through.

THE BOMBSHELL from Baby's Burgers

1/2lb Maneater sandwiched between 2 Bacon Grilled Cheese Melts, topped with Grilled Onions; Served with side of Baby's Special Sauce

Bacon Psy Fries from Seoul Man

Fresh Cut Seasoned and Battered Pub Style Fries, Topped with Nitrate Free Applewood Smoked Bacon, Alabama Sauce, Bourbon Katsauce, and Chopped Scallion.

O-burgers Grass Fed Beef, Turkey or Veggie burger from Organic Food Truck

Description: Wrapped in Lettuce or served on the bun Ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, grass fed cheese

Mt. Fuji from Zs Buddies Sushi

Tuna, salmon, imitation crab, masago (orange fish eggs), cucumber, red cabbage, crispy onion, avocado, lettuce (House spicy mayo)