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Bruna's Brazilian Cheese Bread Sandwich

Bruna's Brazilian Cheese Bread Sandwich

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About Bruna's Brazilian Cheese Bread Sandwich

Bruna's Brazilian Cheese Bread Sandwich is revolutionizing that handheld delight, switching out regular ol' bread with authentic pão de queijo. What's that? Never heard of it? Let us explain. This cheese bread helms from Brazil, made up of fresh tapioca flour that's gluten free. The best part? It's all coming to you on the go, out of a food truck roaming in Denver, CO.

At Bruna's Brazilian Cheese Bread Sandwich, you'll find all the makings of classic sammies smashed together in that irresistible cheesy bread. Take, for example, their Rio Grande: a cheeseburger wannabe featuring an all beef patty with all the fixin's. They've even got one stuffed with savory BBQ pulled pork and cheddar cheese to amplify the cheesiness ten fold. Plus their São Paulo featuring thinly sliced ham, mozzarella, juicy tomato slices and oregano is absolutely to die for. But that's not all. Bruna's Brazilian also has desserts, smearing that pão de queijo with the likes of nutty Nutella and pb&j. Drool worthy? Absolutely. All the more reason to find Bruna's Brazilian Cheese Bread Sandwich in Denver, or have 'em out to cater your next event. It's sure to be all the cheesier for it.



São PauloOur traditional pão de queijo served with ham, mozzarella, tomato and oregano
CearaPulled pork, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce
PiauíTurkey Pastrami, marinated onions, tomato and spinach and special sauce
Rio De JaneiroBruna's classic creamy chicken recipe with corn and American cheese, marinated onions and special sauce
AmazonasFresh mozzarella, marinated onions , tomato, spinach and special sauce
Demo Sandwichingredients

Cheese Bread CupCup with five cheese bread bites

MinasCheese bread with Nutella

Guaraná AntarcticaFamous Brazilian Soda

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