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Church of Cupcakes

Church of Cupcakes

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About Church of Cupcakes

Porche Lovely spent a chunk of her childhood homeless. Her parents resorted to planting their own fruits and veggies to survive. While the experience was difficult, it did teach her the value of fresh, organic produce. This lesson proved useful later in life, when she landed in Denver, CO working a corporate job. The money was good, but her career path was not making her happy. So, Porche got into the food industry. After spending years developing a seriously enviable resume, she felt ready to go at it alone with Church Of Cupcakes. Why the name? Because the sweet treats served at this truck are truly are divine.

Using a roster of award-winning recipes, Porche makes cupcakes from scratch every day to ensure a fresh taste. She uses only organic ingredients, including milk sourced from pasture-raised cows, cage-free eggs, and flour completely free of artificial ingredients. The result? A perfectly fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cupcake undiluted by any chemical-y aftertaste. Flavors go above and beyond, the menu offering everything from your standard chocolates and vanillas to gourmet concoctions like red velvet cake and salted caramel. Whatever you sample, it’ll be heavenly. Oh, one more thing – they cater. So, don’t hesitate to book Church of Cupcakes for your next event to bring all this saccharine glory straight to your guests. It’ll be a transcendental dessert table.



Sprinkle SalvationChocolate cake, \u0003vanilla buttercream, and plenty of sprinkles. \n\nAvailable gluten free!
MissionaryVanilla cake, \u0003vanilla buttercream: modest and uncomplicated.\n\nAvailable gluten free!
Strawberry SolsticeVanilla cake \u0003with summery \u0003strawberry buttercream. Available gluten free!
Devils FoodRich chocolate cake under chocolate buttercream. Available gluten free!
Cana CoconutA marriage of cake, \u0003buttercream,\u0003 and real coconut
Rapture RaspberryA blissful elevation of\u0003 lemon cake and \u0003raspberry buttercream
Venerable VelvetRed velvet cake \u0003kissed with \u0003cream cheese frosting
Bee-titudeLavender-blessed cake \u0003with a honey-lemon buttercream
Garden NirvanaTranscendent carrot cake \u0003with cream cheese frosting
Pillar of Salt-ed CaramelChocolate cake with our own \u0003fleur-de-sel caramel buttercream. Available gluten free!
Let There Be Lemon a light lemony cake with lemon buttercream
Kindred SpiritsVanilla cake paired with \u0003chocolate buttercream. Available gluten free!
Monthly FlavorAsk for the current temptation!
Saint Celiac (Gluten Free!) (extra charge applies)
Gluten Free (extra charge applies)You can make any of our cupcakes with a chocolate or vanilla cake gluten free! All of our frostings are gluten free so if you'd like raspberry, strawberry, lemon, etc. on a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, please let us know!

Cold Brew Coffee
Hot CoffeeReal half & half and organic cane juice sugar. Regular or Decaf available.
Fruit PunchRefreshing fruit punch. Perfect for when it's hotter than you know where!
Natural SodasA variety of flavors
MilkOrganic single serve milk

Hot ChocolateHeavenly rich, scratch made hot chocolate.

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Church of Cupcakes.