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About Just Encased

Cousins Ched Pagtakhan and Samuel Chee began dishing up their artisan sausages in 2016 throughout the Dallas, TX area. The pair have a passion for meticulously crafted meats and all their sausages are handmade. This passion shines through in the product as these are some seriously delectable sausages. You don't want to miss this truck.

The sausages are ground, seasoned, and stuffed in house. Choices regarding toppings and fillings are often unconventional, but thinking outside the box has paid off for Pagtakhan and Chee. Ever try a sausage topped with mashed potatoes and gravy? What about butter bacon sauerkraut? There is even a vegetarian option topped with a savory blend of caramelized onions, peppers, and garlic herb mousse to satisfy all the non-carnivorous clientele. Pair your main course with some tasty cajun fries for a hearty feast. Are you drooling? If so, book Just Encased for your next event. Guests will appreciate the unique choice.

Pork Mac and Cheese Sausage - A decadent masterpiece for cheese aficionados everywhere, this pork sausage is stuffed with gooey mac and cheese and topped with onion straws, smoked gouda, bacon, green onions, and BBQ mayo.
Ooh-Mami Beef Sausage - The toppings on this beef sausage blend the intoxicating taste of truffle mushroom with a smoky medley of gouda and bacon for an indulgent treat.


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