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November 28, 2021



Food Trucks and Calendars

FTC Blog 0

As an owner of a food truck, you need to schedule your truck.  You can do this the old way, by using a day planner and writing it down , then com…

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Gold for $5 an ounce?

FTC Blog 1

Gold for $5 an ounce?  Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?  I think so. It's such a good deal that I think I will put up a new domain and…

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Want cash? Vote for a food truck

FTC Blog 2

Google likes "best" lists.    Go ahead and google "San Diego Food Trucks" and see what you get.  Of the top 10 listings,  5 of the…

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So We Are Starting a Blog

FTC Blog 3

Another blog? Come on, you must be kidding me.  Truth be known, we probably wouldn't do this except it should improve our SEO which will help our…

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