San Diego Food Truck

About Us

What is Food Truck Connector?

Food Truck Connector helps people find and book gourmet food trucks for catering. We are a GPS tracking and Internet services company that stumbled upon food trucks when we began offering fleet services to food trucks.

We found that our technology base could provide new services to food trucks and their customers including helping customers find the best food trucks for their needs in the shortest amount of time. In so doing, we have worked with a lot of trucks and owners and have learned much about the business. We have launched some pilot services in Southern California and plan on expanding nationally.

How does the system work?

Our first systems used GPS tracking devices installed on the trucks to help food truck owners better manage their trucks. With time, we found that the food truck customers could also use the tracking information ,so we began to expose a limited portion of our fleet services (real-time location) to the general public. We've moved on a lot from there.

We have built additional systems that crawl the Internet and look for the latest food truck schedules and information. This information is stored to our databases and we use it to help customers find the current and future positions of the truck. We also crawl the Internet for brewery information since many brewers use food trucks. We also provide automated tweeting for the trucks based on their position and schedule. We are adding new Internet services all the time, all in an effort to help food truck owners and their customers.

Where and who are you?

Food Truck Connector is a brand of WWW Technologies LLC. WWW Technologies LLC is a veteran owned Internet services company. We are headquartered in San Diego.