Food Truck

Gold for $5 an ounce?

well, no, but here is another deal

Gold for $5 an ounce?

So what am I trying to demonstrate here? That I am an idiot!?  No but that would be a good guess. My point is that to think that people will go to your website just because you build and publish it is completely naive.  They won't . Nobody will know it is there.  Even Google will have a hard time finding it.  Nobody will go to the site even if you are selling gold for $5/ounce, so it does not matter how good your deal or product is.  You could be the greatest food truck in the world with the greatest website, and the traffic to your site will be 0 unless you let people know where to find it.

Ah, you have to advertise. You sure do. But it does not have to be paid advertising.  You can talk about your site . You can hand out business cards with your site url on it.  You can talk about your site on social media.  Once people start going to it and linking to it from other websites, Google will start noticing the site and move you up in the ranks.  You also have to have good content that relates to your product, and content that changes helps.  One of the main reasons businesses blog is to get people to go to their website.  Google likes it, they see you are active on your site creating content, it helps. The  subject area is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  A bunch of people make a living doing SEO.

I'm blogging right now.  This should help in the ranks , but I don' think it will help our SEO much. You know why? I am not saying "food truck" enough.  If I said "food truck" a bit more, without overdoing it, then Google would know that this blog is about "food trucks" and when someone enters "food trucks" in Google search then maybe this blog article will show up. If I say "San Diego food trucks" then maybe that will help when someone enters "San Diego food trucks". Good. Now I've said food trucks enough.

I think I've babbled enough.  I want to conclude by saying that if you are a food truck, and especially a food truck that wants to cater special events like weddings, office parties, graduation parties, that kind of stuff, then you should have a website so people can find you, and then if you want to rank with Google, you should be active marketing your site by blogging or other means. At, we try to make it easy for you to have a website.  All you have to do is enter some of your truck information and a few images and that will get you a well designed website built for food trucks that we host very inexpensively. We even have a blog manager, the same one that I am using right now, that lets you blog, so you can say all the dumb stuff you want like I do.

I'll let you know when someone finds our new domain that gives away $50. Thanks for reading my nonsense.