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So We Are Starting a Blog

it's a big deal to us anyway

So We Are Starting a Blog

I guess what I will talk about  in this story is what Food Truck Connector is and how it came to be.    FTC's mission is to connect people to food trucks.  Connect? You mean like glue? Well I guess this could help the food truck business but it might be illegal, so we are not doing that.  For us "connect" means to inform food truck customers about food trucks.  By inform, we let them know where and when food trucks are out on  public events, what food truck events are coming up, which trucks are hanging out at breweries and when,  and provide social media and other contact information about the trucks.   Trucks are restaurants on wheels.  You wouldn't own a restaurant and then not let anybody know where it is, would you?  We help with that big time. 

We also provide all kinds of technology for the food trucks themselves.  We have  a food truck website hosting platform , a blogging platform, a leads database, an automated Twitter scheduler,  a Calendar platform that is powered through Google,  a GPS tracking service and we are adding more features all the time as we get feedback from our food trucks and food truck customers. We actually stumbled into the food truck business when a food truck wanted to have a GPS tracking device installed on their truck. FTC is a brand of Silver Bridge Technologies, Inc., and Silver Bridge is in the GPS tracking and fleet management business. So we installed the GPS tracking device for fleet management for the truck, and one thing led to another and , whammo, Food Truck Connector.

FTC is based in San Diego and has launched in San Diego and will launch soon in Orange County and Los Angeles.  We hope to help food trucks and their customers in other cities as well, but for now Southern California is it.  Check in on this blog every once in awhile to learn about this and that in food trucks.

Thanks,  Mark