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Want cash? Vote for a food truck

At this moment, odds are good you will win

Want cash? Vote for a food truck

Well if Google likes "best" pages then by gosh I'm going to put one up too.  Maybe my best trucks will be the prettiest trucks, or the blue ones, I like blue, or shiny ones. Shiny trucks are cool. Or maybe my best trucks will be the ones that give me the most money.  Yes, that's the ticket.  Alright, I'm going to put up a top ten list of the best trucks defined by how much money they give me.  Yahoooie!!

Nah. That would be just flat out stupid, plus nobody's giving me any money anyway.  So here it is... let's vote for our favorite trucks!  Vote! That's democratic. That's what we American's do.  Thank goodness Al Gore invented the Internet so I don't have to put up food truck polling booths everywhere and have a bunch of nice old ladies  handing out cookies and making sure people vote right.  I also would have to get a bunch of stickers printed out that say "I Voted Today". Thank you Internet!

Alright. Voting is not perfect. I mean, someone can stuff the ballot box.  Or maybe some truck owner has a huge family with nothing to do but vote all day.  But still it's a system, and we will do our best to filter out or keep these not so fair things from happening.  You can find our voting booths for San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County by clicking on the city of your choice. There are no free cookies, but we are giving out a $100 restaurant gift card for San Diego and $100 cash each for LA and Orange County, to one lucky voter in each city, so you got that going for you, which is nice. Also, at this moment, your odds of winning are really good.  Figure out what that means.

The polling booths are permanent.  We will leave them up year round so we can wind up in the top of Google too!!!  The contest terminates  March 31 for San Diego, and April 30 for Los Angeles and Orange County.

So, please vote for your favorite trucks to help us figure out who the "best" trucks are.  Well, at least what our poll says is "best".

Thanks, Mark