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What started out as a Passion for amazing food, turned into an obsession that was always on our owner's mind. Our Chef/Owner Sam worked for a very large corporation for nearly 18 years and one day decided to leave his lucrative, cushy office job to work 16 hours a day in the hot kitchen of a food truck with no A/C (uh... idiot alert)! The name Chubbee Monkee is derived from our Owners Birth year (year of the monkey) and his Chubby Physic growing up as a child. The food created on the truck is represented by our owners upbringing (what he himself enjoys eating) and his passion for constantly evolving his menu through the things he learn while traveling around the world. Quality matters most, so we aim for the freshest ingredients, starting from our local farmers, continued with our mom'n'pop bakeries, looking only for the absolute best for our customers. ​We pride ourselves in service, guaranteeing a smile with every order. We hope you will remember us for our savory food, our quality service and mostly, our fun environment.

Chubbee Monkee Schedule (next 7 days)

Tuesday, December 18
Wednesday, December 19
Thursday, December 20
Friday, December 21
Saturday, December 22
Sunday, December 23
Monday, December 24
Tuesday, December 25

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