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Dogzilla Hot Dogs


About Dogzilla Hot Dogs

The classic American street food is taken to a whole new level by adding yakisoba noodles, furikake seasoning, home-made teriyaki sauce, bacon & avocados, and other non-traditional toppings that you can’t find on any other hot dog. The customer enjoys a variety of flavors from sweet and savory to bold and spicy. These complicated flavors are then complimented with the toasty sweet flavor of our Hawaiian roll buns, completing the full circle of flavor your taste buds were made to enjoy.

​The combination of ingredients results in a treat that can best be described with one phrase: “Not Your Typical Wiener”.


Sorry. We don't have the menu for Dogzilla Hot Dogs.

Public Schedule

Monday, September 16
Tuesday, September 17
Wednesday, September 18
Thursday, September 19
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM Total Wine
16272 Beach Blvd, 92647
Friday, September 20
Saturday, September 21
Sunday, September 22
Monday, September 23