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Hawaiian Honey Cones

Ice Cream|Organic|Frozen Treats|Gluten Free Friendly|Vegetarian

About Hawaiian Honey Cones

A frozen treat that ditches the white sugar (and gluten) in favor of organic cane, Hawaiian honey cones are the newest sweet splash to hit Costa Mesa shores, bringing creamy, decadent bliss with them, wherever they land. The handmade cones dominate your tastebuds with a whole new kind of pick-me-up, one as natural as it is delicious.

Track down the food truck wherever it pops up to grab a brand new handle on dessert, or book Hawaiian Honey Cones for your next big event and watch your guests light up as they ponder something as new as it is delicious. There's nothing else quite like it, and no other frozen treat making Southern California smile quite so wide right now. Get a grip for yourself, and chances are you'll never wanna let go.



Hawaiian Honey Cone Unique J-shape, 12-inch cone that is entirely filled on both ends with rich Hokkaido ice cream
Hokkaido Ice CreamYour choice of French creme or lactose-free chocolate ice cream

CoffeeClassically delicious coffee
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate

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