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Viking Truck

Viking Truck

Burgers|Corn Dogs|Fried Chicken|Hot Dogs|Sausages
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About Viking Truck

The Viking truck is coming to town to Pillage your hunger, serving american comfort food with Viking attitude 



ODINOur Signature Sausage Dog with Smoked Bratwurst, Danish Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Beer Cheese Sauce, Brown Mustard, and Viking Ketchup!
LOKIThe Deceiving Hot Polish Sausage, Cheese, Jalapeño Relish, Sriracha, Brown Mustard, and Viking Ketchup!
THUNDER DOGA Hearty Selection fit for THOR himself. Smoked Bratwurst, Dark Ale infused Black Bean Chili, Cheddar, Crema, and Viking Ketchup!
NEMESISProbably the world greatest corndog! Hand dipped in our house made sweet corn batter and fried to perfection!
BASH BURGERGrass fed beef patty, martins potato bun, american cheese, juniper pickles, caramazlied onions, garlic aioli.
Viking Bowl
Viking BowlMixed Greens, Sausage, or Fried Chicken, vinegar slaw, red cabbage, jalapeño relish, feta, garlic sauce.
Classic Fried Chicken Pickle Brined Fried chicken breast, dill pickle, garlic aioli, martins potato bun.
P-Town Hot chicken
P-Town Hot chicken Pickle Brined Fried chicken breast, dill pickle, garlic aioli, Spicy Rub, Vinegar Coleslaw, Martins Potato Bun.
Chilli BurgerGrass fed beef patty, Beef chorizo black beans chili, American cheese, guldens brown mustard, pickles, american cheese.
American Psycho Grass fed beef patty, American cheese, white onion, tomato, arugula, pickles, garlic aioli, on a martins potato bun.

Dry Rub FriesClassic french fries, dusted in our house sweet and savory rub.

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Viking Truck.