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Bacon Mania

Bacon Mania

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About Bacon Mania

Sacramento's Bacon Mania is a food truck that gives you a world of taste in a mania package. Followed by more and more worlds of taste. Gobs of juicy bliss drip off every bite,  Call them up today to see what they can do for your next party - big or small. It's a unique dash of food truck bliss that's as portable as it is delicious. Check out their world - it's bigger than it looks.

MUST TRY Big Pig Pulled Pork Sandwich — Slow-cooked and simmered in sauce, finished with a healthy smattering of coleslaw. A backyard feast in a single bun.



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Public Schedule

Friday, September 22
5:00 PM to 10:00 PM WC Football
Saturday, September 23
Sunday, September 24
Monday, September 25
Tuesday, September 26
Wednesday, September 27
Thursday, September 28
Friday, September 29