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Ambrosia Food Truck and Ice Cream Catering

Ice Cream|BBQ|Hot Dogs|Vegetarian

About Ambrosia Food Truck and Ice Cream Catering

Ambrosia is an ice cream and food truck specializing in hot dogs, pulled pork, wings, and half-smokes. The truck also offers chips, drinks, and ice cream ( in season ). Stop by and grab yourself a delicious treat!



mad wings!!This is a different spin on the traditional wing! This is a Memphis wing with a dry tasty rub!
utz potatoe chipsUtz chips ! Sour cream and onion, plain, bar b que, salt and vinegar!

BBQ Sandwich PlateYour chioce of sandwich with 2 sides.
chix fajita sausageThe chix fajita sausage is gluten free, stuffed with bell peppers, cheese, and onions!
ball park franksAll beef Ball Park Franks, recognized from coast to coast ! This frank is all beef, no fillers, and NO MSG!

homemade vanillaa simple, yet tasty treat!
big dippera revamped version of the "nutty buddy"!
sonic hedge hogthis is an ice cream face, cotton candy flavor, with gum ball eyes!
watermelon cupshaved ice in a cup! great for parents on the go, treating a kid in the car, no mess!
big vanilla sandwichan old school classic !
scribblers2 for the price of one!...two pops, for two kids!...great to share

Public Schedule

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