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Atlanta Ice Cream Truck

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About Atlanta Ice Cream Truck

This truck is serving all the delicious pre-packaged ice cream treats you know and love, from Good Humor to ice creams to Rich's ice pops, and even good 'ol Popsicles. Whether you're looking for a cool treat, or want to make your event a big hit, look no further than Atlanta Ice Cream Truck!



Strawberry Shortcake
Fudge Bar
Orange Cream Bar
Rich Vanilla Bar
Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Shortcake
Bomb Pop Jr. RWB
Lucas Mango Bar
Strawberry FrozFruit Bar
Bomb Pop Red, White and Blue
Cry Baby Cherry Sour Ice
SpongeBob Squarepants Bar
Spider-Man Bar
Hello Kitty Bar
Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop
Fudge Bomb Pop
Cookies 'n Cream Big Dipper
Vanilla Big Dipper Cone
Snickers Ice Cream Bar
Blue Bunny Turtle Bar
MInion - Despicable Me Bar
Bratz Bar
Sonic the Hedgehog Bar
Snow Cone
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
Choco Taco
Cookies & Cream Cup
Frozen Lemonade
Lemonade/Limeade/Strawberry Lemonde Cup
Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Slice
Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream Cup
Cherry Two Ball Screwball
Giant Neapolitan Sandwich
Cookies n' Cream Bar
Orange Push Up
Magnum Caramel Bar
Magnum Double Chocolate Bar
Magnum Almond Bar

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Atlanta Ice Cream Truck.