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Big Burgers and Wings


About Big Burgers and Wings

With a name like Big Burgers and Wings, you know exactly what you're gonna get. Which is anything but a bad thing. This food truck is serving Atlanta with the biggest and best burgers and wings, the likes of which they've never seen. Or tasted, as the case may be.

Just what sets Big Burgers and Wings apart from your regular old food truck? Simple. They're committed to quality, offering a big menu of even bigger portions to fill up even the biggest appetites. And they're calling it Big Burger for a reason. Choose their Deluxe Burger, and you're starting with a whopping 1/4 pounds of quality hand-pressed ground beef, or get the house specialty: a gigantic 1/2 pound burger made customizable with a bevy of fresh ingredients. Or should you choose to chicken out, they've got their specialty winglets in 6 flavors, available in 6 piece, 10 piece, and 20 piece combos to curb your hunger. So why wait? Find Big Burgers and Wings immediately to get a big meal on the curbs of Lawrenceville, Atlanta and beyond. And be sure to bring a big appetite. Big Burgers and Wings won't disappoint.



Quarter Pound Deluxe Burger + 3 Wings any flavorBurger topped with pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato....\n\nKetchup, mustard, and mayonnaise available
Wings (6 piece)Wings tossed with your choice of flavor served with ranch or blue cheese, celery, and a dinner roll
Hot Dogs
Hot Link Sandwich
Grilled Chicken SandwichGrilled chicken on hawaiian sweet bun with lettuce, tomato
HALF POUND DELUXE BURGERTopped with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato

ColeslawCabbage slaw salad
Crinkle FriesCrispy and crunchy for your pleasure
Onion RingsOnions dipped and deep fried
Quarter pound burger spreadinclude : quarter pound burger , 1 premium side item, and 1 standard side item
Deluxe truck special spreadQuarter pound burger , wings, 1 premium side item-1 regular side item
Wing Spreadsmall 80 wings spread feed up to 15 people include 1 regular side dish large 150 wings spread feed up to 30
Combo SpreadBurgers, wings, hot dog, grill cheese sandwich...... include 1 regular side dish and 1 premium side dish.....

CookieLarge chocolate chip cookie
Kids Menu

HamburgerComes with fries, juice and fruit snack
Hot DogComes with fries, juice and fruit snack
Grilled CheeseComes with fries, juice and fruit snack

Public Schedule

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