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Both World's of Yo Momma's Soul Food

Both World's of Yo Momma's Soul Food

All Vegan/ Vegetarian|American|Appetizers|Cheese Steaks|Soul Food|Pescatarian
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About Both World's of Yo Momma's Soul Food

Both World's of Yo Momma's Soul Food in Atlanta, GA has all the soulful flavors for every taste: plant lovers, meat eaters, and pescatarians alike. Their food is nurtured with love, just like Momma and Grandma used to make, so treat yourself to lunch or dinner Both World's of Yo Momma's Soul Food. It will feel like a taste of home.



Baked Mac and CheeseOrganic Penne Noodles, cheddar cheese.Feeds up to 6 - 8 people

Dirty South RiceSeasoned rice, onions, bell peppers, crumble beef Feeds up to 6-8 people.
Spinach Casserole Baked Baby Leaf with Parmesan
Bbq Baked BeansOven Baked slowly with kick of bbq\nFeed up to 6-8 people
Big Beef or chicken cheesesteak RollSteak or chicken stuffed in a tortilla cheddar cheese w/bell peppers and onion
Blackened Shrimp PoboysSautéed Shrimp, onions, bell pepper, cole slaw and pickles on toasted bun w/ fries
Meatball Sub Sandwich Meatballs on toasted bun w/ drizzled sauce, Parmesan cheese, onions, bell pepper and banana peppers
Barbeque Pulled ChickenMemphis Bbq sauce over juicy layer of Chicken, top comes with buns w/coleslaw.\nFeed up to 6-8 people
Steak GyroBeef gracefully marinated in many spices topped w/onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and sour cream \nFeed up 6-8 people
Teriyaki Chicken Skrewers Chicken Breast grilled in a Sweet & Savory Sauce\nFeed up to 6-8 people
Chicken n Waffles on a StickCrispy waffle covering a seasoned chicken breast strip
Plant Based Chipotle Chick'n Quesadilla PlatterPlant Based Chicken, vegan cheese, onions and bell peppers/ w salsa Feed up to 6-8 people
Plant Based Classic Beef Nachos PlatterGround Beef over a bed of tortillas/ cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, beans, onions and jalapeños
Plant Based Bbq Brisket Shredded Beef top with bbq sauce on a toasted bun w/ Cole slaw and Roasted Steak Fries\nFeed up to 6-8 people
Beef Quesadilla Ground Beef over crispy tortillas tomatoes, onions, beans, Feed up to 6-8 people
Pure Leaf TeaBottled Sweetened or unsweetened
Bottled Water Purified Water
Meatloaf PlateCarrot soufflé & spinach casserole
Chopped Mushroom Steak & GravySquash casserole & spinach casserole
Spaghetti PlateSpaghetti, Cajun Cabbage, carrot soufflé
Meatloaf Plate Cajun Cabbage, spinach casserole
Jerk Chicken Nuggets Plate Nugget in a Kick of spice Sauce, cheesy organic noodles w/bites of cauliflower and carrot soufflé
Lasagna Plate Zesty Cheezy Lasagna, carrot Soufflé, cauliflower mac n cheez

Surprise me Stuffed Browniessoft and moist chocolate brownies infused with a variety chocolates candies.\nHalf of pan feeds up to 8-10 people

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