Atlanta Food Truck

Britz Sno Blitz

Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian

About Britz Sno Blitz

Britz Sno Blitz is bringing the coolest experience to the streets of Atlanta, GA by storm. This is a snow storm that's coming to you in a big spread of colors, too — this truck is serving up only the fluffiest, iciest shave ice to cool off those Hotlanta days in style.

At Britz Sno Blitz, they're making each frozen treat a delight to eat. That's because each shave ice starts with fluffy snow-like texture, and with a bevy of gourmet flavor options, you're able to customize your sweet treat. They're all gluten free, and even the creamy sno caps are offered dairy free to add to the sweetness. So why wait? Find Britz Sno Blitz in Atlanta to add a little chill to your day. Or a lot. No judgments here. And did we mention they cater? Book 'em for your next event.



Non Dairy Cream ToppingEnhance your EPIC flavor selection with non-dairy cream topping.

Shave Ice Cup Choose your chill level with a small, medium, or large shave ice cup along with up to 3 EPIC, true-to-life fruit flavored syrups.
Shaved iceChoose your chill level with a small ice cup along with up to 2 EPIC, true-to-life fruit flavored syrups.

Public Schedule

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