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Chefs on Wheels LLC

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About Chefs on Wheels LLC

What's better than a couple of good chefs? A couple of good chefs...on wheels. No really, just roll with us on this one. Chefs on Wheels is a wholly original food truck concept, helmed by a couple of really good chefs who decided upon a really good idea: fusing the traditional Hungarian langos with a bevy of all original recipes for flavors that are out of this world delicious. And you're only getting it in Atlanta.

At Chefs on Wheels, they've custom built a full bodied menu built to satisfy, all centered around the famous langos. Starting with a thick base of fried dough, they've teamed up to add on only the freshest quality ingredients that makes each a work of art to please any palate. From the original topped with sour cream and mozzarella cheese to the Italian influence found in their sausage and peppers, caprese, chicken parmigiana and savory Tuscan meatball varieties, there's a whole lotta langos to sink your teeth into. So why wait? Try something new for a change and find Chefs on Wheels cruising the streets of Norcross, Atlanta and beyond. Trust us. It really is that good.


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