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Cuchifritos Puerto Rican Eatery

Cuchifritos Puerto Rican Eatery

Sandwiches|Puerto Rican
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About Cuchifritos Puerto Rican Eatery

Cuchifritos delivers Puerto Rican excellence to Atlanta one hot and savory dish at a time. It's a food truck with flavor that can't be matched, and hospitality that feels like family. Turn the curb into the Sunday dinner table as you take in a plethora of dishes that import all the authentic tastes of Puerto Rico without any of the shipping costs or air miles.

From tostones to empanadas to sandwiches and rotating entrees, all the way to a sweet dessert finish, all the home cooking you crave is here, wherever you call home. Cuchifritos is turning Georgia into an island paradise stop by stop and dish by dish. Schedule your next vacation whenever you see Cuchifritos out - it starts right then and right there.



EmpanadasSavory Puertorican beef, chicken or guava & cream cheese, filled turnovers made from scratch
TostonesGreen plantain fritters ​served with a side of Puerto Rican sauce.
AlcapurriasCrunchy Seasoned Taro Root (Yautia) and Green Banana or Cassava fritters filled with ground beef

Tripleta SandwichA combination of three types of meat​, pork, steak & ham served in a Puerto Rican bread bun with potato sticks, sauce, and melted cheese.
Pernil SandwichRoasted pork marinated in Puerto Rican flavors, served in Puerto Rican toasted bread. Green salad, potato sticks, and melted cheese.
Arroz con gandules y pernilTomato sauce and sofrito base rice with pigeon peas. A side of roasted pork marinated in Puerto Rican flavors and adobo.
Pastelon de Amarillos Layers of sweet plantains, sofrito seasoned ground beef, and cheese all baked to perfection bringing out the sweetness of the plantains​ and melting the cheese. A delight for your belly. Served with spring mix salad.
Chicken FricaseChicken in sauce with wine, tomato sauce, and grape juice, with white rice as a side.
Pulled Braised ChickenPulled Braised Chicken served with a side of Yellow Rice on tomato and sofrito base with pigeon peas or a side of tostones

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