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Greedyman's Bar B Que & Grill


About Greedyman's Bar B Que & Grill

Greedyman's Bar B Que & Grill actually encourages you to be greedy. Or at least, you'll want to be him after trying his quality 'q. Because Steven J. Dawkins, known to friends as Greedy, is a bonafide pit master, transporting all the tang and that down home smoky flavor from that famous Kansas City BBQ to Georgia by way of a food truck. And Atlanta's never had better.

Look, we're gonna come right out and say it. This is the best BBQ you're gonna find in Atlanta. How can we make such a bold claim? Simple. Experience and passion is just what Greedy's bringing to the table. At the age of 13, he was invited into the kitchen of his favorite BBQ restaurant, learning the tricks of the trade and the secrets in the sauce. While he was too young to know what love was, at the time, the feeling he got while watching plumes of smoke cooking the meats to a rosy burgundy color felt pretty close to it. So he decided to continue this pursuit of love, eventually starting his own catering company, creating his own BBQ sauce and a line of juices inspired by his hometown. From his signature smoked BBQ beef brisket and meatballs to his signature chicken wings in his own apple smoked sauce, Greedy's giving you a whole lot of ways to be greedy. So don't feel bad. Just get greedy with it and find Greedyman's Bar B Que & Grill roaming the streets of Atlanta and beyond. Greed never tasted this good.



Greedyman's Crispy Jumbo Fried Shrimp
Smoked Apple Rib TipsSlow Smoked Rib Tips drizzled in Greedyman's "Famous Taste of Kansas City" Bar B Que Sauce
Smoked WingsSmoked Chicken Wings smoked with seasoned cherry wood \n
Crispy Fried Fish Hand battered boneless all white meat Basa/Swai Fish Fried to a golden crispy crust.
Smoked Bar B Que Turkey Sandwich Sliced all white Smoked Turkey Breast drizzled with Greedyman's "Famous Taste of Kansas City" Bar B Que Sauce topped with a layer of Smoked Turkey Pastrami with another added drizzle of Greedyman's "Famous Taste of Kansas City" Bar B Que Sauce
Smoked Apple Beef Sasauge Beef Sasauge smoked with seasoned cherry wood drizzled with Greedyman's "Famous Taste of Kansas City" Bar B Que Sauce

Turkey Bacon Potato Salad Greedyman's Turkey Bacon Potato Salad \nFresh Seasoned Red Potatoes with a mixture of Smoked Turkey Bacon, Green Onions & Fresh Herbs
Turkey Bacon Coleslaw Fresh Green & Red Cabbage tossed with Shredded Carrots, Smoked Turkey Bacon & Seasoned Herbs
Sweet Smoked Baked Beans (V)Sweet Smoked vegetarian baked beans that you can eat with vanilla ice cream
Seasoned Steak FriesSteak Fries fried crispy & seasoned with Greedyman's All Purpose Seasoning
Smoked Turkey Collard Greens Fresh triple washed Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey Wings, fresh added seasoned bell peppers and onions

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