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Hahyp Budz Water Ice

Hahyp Budz Water Ice

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About Hahyp Budz Water Ice

Hahyp Budz Water Ice is giving Atlanta the coolest way to cool off those hot summer days: authentic Philadelphia water ice, supplied from the birthplace of this frozen treat itself. Now, this sweet cart is popping up on the streets, treating your sweet tooth right with the most refreshing of treats.

Hahyp Budz Water Ice is the result of a hard working family who moved from Philadelphia to Atlanta. When they discovered their hometown's staple frozen treat was nowhere to be found, they decided to band together and make that sweet dream a sweet, sweet reality in more ways than one. Here, you're getting water ice that delivers sweet relief in every bite in a myriad of mouthwatering flavors. From the fruitiest of cherry, mango, lemon and watermelon flavors to the sweetest flavors of cotton candy and rootbeer, you're getting traditional water ice from the source: Philadelphia Water Ice. How cool is that? So find Hahyp Budz Water Ice to see what all the hype's about, or book 'em to bring it all to your next event. It's a sweet way to treat your guests and your tastebuds, that's for sure.


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