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Joe's Lone Star Tacos

Joe's Lone Star Tacos

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About Joe's Lone Star Tacos

Joe’s Lonestar Tacos was birthed out of Joe’s desire for a great taco, similar to what he enjoyed in his home state of Texas. He wasn’t able to find one to his liking, so as any chef would do, he created his own!

Hello, Joseph here. What I love about what I do, simply put, is that I love food. I also look at it as an art form. One of the things that I learned from many of the chefs that I worked under is people eat with their eyes first, so always make it look as good as it tastes, no matter if it’s a plated or buffet style meal. I love the independence of operating my own catering business, customizing menus for each of our clients and seeing the joy of our clients at each event. I also know that we are making a difference.

Joseph is an Army veteran.


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Public Schedule

Sunday, February 25
Monday, February 26
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM Price group
Tuesday, February 27
Wednesday, February 28
Thursday, February 29
Friday, March 1
Saturday, March 2
Sunday, March 3