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Lolita's Parlour

Lolita's Parlour

Ice Cream|Frozen Treats|Vegetarian
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About Lolita's Parlour

At Lolita's Parlour, not just any amount of ice cream will do. Lolita's is providing the Marietta, GA area a whopping 32 flavors of Hershey's ice cream. Everybody's favorite chocolate brand is out in full force here, but there's a lot more to the menu, like pretzels, wood-fired pizzas, and coffee. And because Lolita's just sweet like that, she's also decided to make her sweets mobile, carting 'em around the streets in style.

There's no need for any parlor tricks at Lolita's Parlour. All of her eats already feature your favorite brands, including Hershey's, Cool Bean coffee, the perennial Pennsylvania classic Tasty Kakes, and Pepsi to wash it all down. But let's stop a minute and talk about Cool Bean coffee. This is Lolita's specialty blend, one that she created using the highest quality beans for a bold taste with a distinctly nutty finish, available to you on its own or in a Lola shake. Really, it's all about the name branding, and Lolita's Parlour's is synonymous with greatness. So what are you waiting for? Find Lolita's Parlour or have her sweeten up your next event. Trust us. Lolita knows how to treat your sweet tooth right.


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