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About Meatballerz

Atlanta foodies are practically frolicking over to the Meatballerz Truck for a taste of their marvelous Meatballs and other incredibly authentic Italian eats.

When it comes to eating these special handcrafted meatballs, there are a few options for you:

In a Hole: Meatball stuffed inside an Italian boule, topped with gravy & mozzarella, and then baked to blissful perfection

On a Bed: Meatball atop a bed of Bucatini pasta with gravy, secret seasoning, and garlic bread

On a Stick: Meatball topped with gravy and mozzarella and baked

Their types of meatballs also come in an exciting variety, including...

The Roma (classic meatball with ground beef and pork)
The Napoli (w/pine nuts & raisins)
The Pompeii (w/ spicy Italian sausage and roasted hot peppers)
The Campobasso (w/ maple bacon)

For all this and so much more, roll on over to Meatballerz or have ‘em roll on over to you for a delightful Italian treat and an absolute ball of a time!


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