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Mister Snowy

Mister Snowy

Ice Cream|Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian

About Mister Snowy

Mister Snowy is Atlanta, GA's one stop shop for frozen treats. What started out as an ice cream ship soon blossomed into an ice cream truck, one that stands apart from the crowd in its offering of creamy soft serve, milkshakes, banana boats and sundaes.

While most ice cream trucks in the area are comfortable serving pre packaged goods, Mister Snowy takes it to a whole new level, serving up next level frozen treats for all to enjoy. Get chocolate, vanilla or swirl all swirled up in a cone, or have 'em dip it in one of their crispy tops; Mister Snowy's got cherry and blue alongside decadent chocolate. Or get a heaping of soft serve on a banana smothered in strawberry, chocolate and caramel sauce. They've even got a pineapple sundae, along with strawberry milkshakes, not to mention soda floats...really, it's all good here. So why wait? Treat yo' self and find Mister Snowy in Atlanta, GA, or have 'em out to cater your next ice cream social. Trust us. Their ice cream's worth screaming about.



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