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Namaste Atlanta

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About Namaste Atlanta

Namaste Atlanta is saying namaste to all of Atlanta, honoring that which is sacred in you with some equally sacred food. This food truck specializes in traditional Indian cuisine, which is a rarity in and of itself, let alone from a food truck. Thankfully, Namaste Atlanta is the delicious exception to the rule, bringing all the exotic flavor from the east to the south in style.

At Namaste Atlanta, you're getting all the staples of authentic Indian food in easy to eat forms. Sure, it's easy enough to claim authenticity when it comes to ethnic cuisine. But Namaste Atlanta backs it up with recipes passed down over generations, with imported seasonings and spices that only add to the flavor. Get classics like paneer and chicken tikka on a sandwich with fresh baked bread, or get a bowlful of goodness in their vegetable bowl with locally sourced vegetables in a creamy sauce. There's a myriad of ways to satisfy your hunger and your penchant for good taste along with your wanderlust, since it's not every day you get to travel to foreign locations, so you may as well let your tastebuds take the trip. Hit the pavement in Atlanta to see just what we're talking about, or invite 'em to bring it all to your next event. Trust us. It's well worth the trip, in more ways than one.


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