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Ice Cream|Hot Dogs|Shaved Ice|Carnival Food
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About Popcorn Lady Productions

Popcorn Lady Productions offers specialty mobile fun foods served from our food carts. Here are some of the carnival food treats available. Ice cream carts, popcorn carts, hot dog carts, cotton candy carts, on site grilled caterings with hamburgers & hot dogs to include gluten free and vegetarian options, pretzel carts, sno cone carts, mobile funnel cake stations and more. Check us out.



Popcorn Cart CateringPopcorn cart catering includes popper on a cart, server, popcorn popped fresh on site and served in red and white striped boxes.
Soft Hot PretzelsSoft hot pretzel catering includes, pretzel machine, server, hot soft pretzels cooked on site and served with your choice of toppings to include, salt, cinnamon sugar, mustard, and parmesan cheese.
Gourmet PopcornGourmet flavored popcorn prebagged. Flavors include: caramel corn, kettle corn, rainbow corn (tastes like Skittles or Fruity Pebbles), Chicago style corn, caramel apple corn, yellow cheddar or white cheddar corn, or any color combination you'd like. Comes in two different size bags
French Fry CateringFrench fry catering includes portable frystation, French fries cooked hot and fresh on site and served in red & white checkered tray with several dipping sauces available.

Chicago Style Hot Dog Cart CateringHot dog cart catering includes: all-beef, turkey, or veggie dogs cooked fresh on site. Includes a side item (potato salad, slaw, pasta salad, baked beans, collard greens). Standard condiment station includes mustard, ketchup, relish, chopped onions, sauerkraut, and celery salt. Optional Chicago-style toppings available. Gluten-free buns available upon request.
Grilled Hamburgers & Hot DogsGrilled hot dog and hamburger catering includes, large catering grill, hamburgers and hot dogs grilled on site, cook & servers, full condiment station, side items (potato salad, slaw, pasta salad, baked beans, collard greens), gluten-free buns and veggie dogs and burgers are available too.
BBQ Sandwiches & SlidersBBQ sandwich and slider catering includes, your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken, or beef bbq sandwich or sliders, servers, side items (potato salad, slaw, pasta salad, baked beans, collard greens), extra BBQ sauces and pickle slices on the side
Nacho Bar CateringNacho cheese machine and chip warmer/merchandiser, hot nacho cheese poured over nacho chips, jalapeños, salsa and sour cream on the side
Corn Dog CateringCorn dogs, cooked on site and served with ketchup and mustard
Chicken Finger CateringChicken finger catering includes, portable frystation, cook, server, chicken fingers cooked fresh on site and served with several dipping sauce choices.
NY Strip Steak Grilled Onsite CateringNY Strip Steak Catering includes: Cooking and serving tents, catering grill & staff, Hand Cut NY Strip steaks marinated and grilled to perfection. Basic grill package includes NY strip steaks, baked potato, salad, dinner rolls, and Sweet and Unsweet tea. Also includes different steak sauces, plates, plastic utensils and service for up to 2.5 hours.

Ice Cream Sundae BarIce cream sundae bar catering includes: Ice cream cart, servers, 12-15 different toppings to include crushed Butterfinger, M&M's, blueberries, strawberries, crushed Oreo cookies, chopped nuts, sprinkles, coconut, marshmallows, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel drizzle, crushed pineapple, whipped cream, cherries, and much more. Can be set up indoors or outdoors.
Cotton Candy Cart CateringCotton candy cart catering includes, cotton candy machine on a cart, server, cotton candy spun fresh on site and served on cones and in bags.
Sno Cone CateringSno cone catering includes, sno cone machine, server, 3+ different sno cone flavors poured over shaved ice either in the cone or in a cup.
Ice Cream NoveltiesGood Humor style ice cream cart stocked with assorted ice cream novelties. Items like Nutty Buddy, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Sandwich, Choco Taco, Creamsicles, and more!
Italian Ice CateringItalian ice catering includes your choice of flavor(s) of Italian ice hand scooped and served at your location from a real Good Humor style ice cream cart
Funnel Cake Catering5" funnel cakes cooked on site and served with powdered sugar and optional toppings of whipped cream, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel drizzle

Lemonade CateringLemonade catering includes large lemonade cart, server, lemonade poured over ice and served with lemon wedges in a clear cup with brightly colored straw. Carnival in a cup!
Hot Chocolate CateringHot chocolate catering includes hot chocolate machine, server, delicious hot chocolate served with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel drizzle.
Hot Apple Cider CateringHot apple cider catering includes brewers, servers, hot apple cider brewed with our secret seasoning blend fresh on site. The delicious smell of cider fills the crowd. Includes caramel, whipped topping, cinnamon sticks and shake on flavors of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Coke & Root Beer FloatsCoke & root beer float catering includes, Ice cream cart, vanilla ice cream hand scooped on site. Your choice of coke or root beer (both regular or diet) poured over the ice cream which is topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Non dairy ice cream available upon request.
Hot Coffee BarHot coffee bar includes portable coffee station, coffee, decaf, cappuccino, and hot tea available. Condiment station includes, sugar, turbinado sugar, stevia, Splenda, sweet & low, flavored creamers, whipped cream, chocolate & caramel drizzle. Danishes & pastries are available too.
Frozen Slushies & SmoothiesFrozen drink catering includes frozen drink machine on a cart, server, your choice of frozen slushie-type drinks or fruit smoothies. Clear cups with brightly colored straws and optional umbrellas available.

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