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Rreal Tacos

Rreal Tacos

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About Rreal Tacos

Rreal Tacos takes a fresh, organic, sustainable approach to tacos - well environmentally sustainable at least. The tacos themselves aren't built to last, in fact they're built to become memories rather quickly. But while they're on the transition from your mouth to your head, the journey is nothing if not flavorful: organic and local for them equals all kinds of tasty for you, between barbacoa, fish, adobo chicken, and whatever else happens to be sizzling between tortillas.

Sweeter options like arroz con leche and fried plantains with eggnog balance the menu, ensuring something for both sides of your tastebuds. And Rreal Tacos' catering takes the full show on the road, spreading the sustainable magic to your friends. Friendship - that's something else Rreal Tacos traffics in sustaining.


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