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So Icy Frozen Treats & Snack Bar

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About So Icy Frozen Treats & Snack Bar

There are plenty of food trucks out there that can help you beat the heat with a frozen treat, but So Icy Frozen Treats & Snack Bar in Atlanta can crank it back up again. While most known for their gourmet ice cream and Italian ice, the second part of their name is chock-full of savory goodness from rice bowls to BBQ, pasta, burgers, hot dogs, and more! They're a one-stop shop when it comes to event catering, so what are you waiting for? Book So Icy Frozen Treats & Snack Bar for your next event today!


Ice Cream Trailer & Cart

Frozen Drinks (Trailer)Frozen drinks are made to order on our ice cream trailer, on-site
Ice Cream or Italian Ice (Trailer|Cart)Your pick of ice cream, Italian ice or combination of ice cream and Italian ice. Service from our ice cream trailer or ice cream cart
Sundaes (Trailer/Cart)Regular Sundae: 2 Scoops Ice Cream + 2 Toppings & Whipped Cream\nBaby Sundae: 1 Scoops Ice Cream + 1 Toppings & Whipped Cream
NachosWarm House Cheese Sauce & Nacho Chips
Food Cart

TacosAll items are cooked and served from our food cart, on-site. Refer to our website for complete food descriptions.
Smash BurgersAll beef burger smashed and cooked to perfection, served on a toasted potato bun! Cooked on-site from our food cart.
CheesesteaksCheesesteaks cooked to perfection, served on a 6' hoagie roll w/American Cheese & Mayo! Cooked and serve from our food cart, on-site!

Cold Drinks

Public Schedule

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