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Sweet Smackin' Treats

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About Sweet Smackin' Treats

The Sweet Smackin' Treats truck, by Sweet Smackin' Treats has just the right bite for any occasion. This treat trailer is serving greater Atlanta the kind of sugary treats that have been slowly perfected over three generations. We're talking cake pops and cakesicles, custom cookies and candy apples. Ready to go wild with dessert shooters? Stop by The Sweet Station to liven up your party. Or, maybe spare yourself the hunt and book Sweet Smackin' Treats to put a sweet touch on your next event today.


Sweet Treats

Cake PopsDeliciously moist cake on a stick. Each succulent bite size cake pop is infused with rich flavor and coated with a creamy chocolate candy coating. Several mouthwatering flavors to choose from.
Candy KabobsA sweet and sour rainbow of colors and flavors carefully stacked on a kabob.
Candy ApplesCrisp Granny Smith apples covered in our signature candy apple recipe. We specialize in Classic and Custom Colors.
Cotton CandyLight, fluffy, and delicious - Clouds of hand spun sugar confection . Our handcrafted cotton candy is nothing like you have experienced before. Classic and Signature Flavors available.
Waffle Bowl DessertDelectable waffle bowl dessert filled with your sweet tooth selection ['My Mama's' Peach Cobbler, Moist and Dreamy Red Velvet Cake, 'My Grandma's Banana Pudding', or our Chocolate, Fudgy Brookie (Brownie/Chocolate Chip Cookie Combo), topped with cream cheese or ice cream and drizzled with each dessert's famous dessert sauce.
Banana Pudding Waffle BowlCrunchy sweet waffle bowl filled with southern style banana pudding topped with cream cheese or ice cream, fresh sliced bananas, crunchy vanilla wafers, drizzled with banana pudding, and skirted with whipped cream.
Brookie Waffle BowlSweet and crunchy waffle bowl filled with our all famous fudge brownie/cookie combo, topped with cream cheese/ice cream and drizzled with dark chocolate and skirted with whip cream.
Peach Cobbler Waffle BowlHomemade with Mama's secret recipe. Sweet, crunch waffle bowl filled with Amazing peach cobbler, topped with a scoop of cream cheese or ice cream, finished with caramel drizzle and creamy whipping cream.
Red Velvet Waffle BowlCrunchy waffle bowl filled with 'Southern Style' Red Velvet cake, topped with a scoop of cream cheese or vanilla ice cream, drizzled with dark chocolate and skirted with cream whipped cream.
Mini DonutsHot and mouth watering mini donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth. You'll be coming back for more! We offer a variety of classic and loaded flavors to choose from in 6 and 12 count
'Southern Style' Banana Pudding Mini DonutsHot & Fluffy Vanilla Mini Donuts topped with our Southern Style Banana Pudding and Fresh Sliced Bananas and Topped with Crumbled, Crunchy Vanilla Wafers and Topped with Creamy Whip Cream.
Cinnamon Sugar Mini DonutsDeliciously Hot & Fluffy Vanilla Mini Donuts tossed in a combination of cinnamon and sugar. One of our most popular classic flavors.
Cookies n' Cream Mini DonutsDeliciously loaded, hot vanilla donuts are drizzled with creamy vanilla glaze and smothered with crushed Oreo cookies.
Fireside Smores Mini DonutsOur 'Fireside Smores' mini donuts are Amazing. These loaded hot & fluffy vanilla donuts are topped with melted dark chocolate, crushed graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows.
Fruity Pebbles Mini DonutsHot & Fluffy vanilla mini donuts generously glazed with creamy vanilla glaze and sprinkled with tons of colorful Fruity Pebbles, packed with fruit flavor. Kids and Adults really love this! Donuts (shown on left side)
Funfetti Mini DonutsHot Vanilla Donuts glazed with creamy vanilla icing and loaded with a rainbow of colorful sprinkles. Funfetti donuts in photo (right side).
Maple Bacon Mini DonutsDeliciously Hot & Fluffy Mini Vanilla Donuts glazed with our famous maple and topped off with chunks of Amazing hickory bacon bits.
Peanut Butter Cup Mini DonutsDeliciously Hot & Fluffy Vanilla Mini Donuts drizzled with dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter and topped off chunks of crumbled peanut butter cups
Classic - Powdered Sugar Mini DonutsClassic, Hot & Fluffy Delicious Vanilla Mini Donuts are dusted vigorously with powder sugar. Waiting for your! Mouth Watering!
Raspberry Lemon Mini Donuts Deliciously Hot & Fluffy Mini Donuts drizzled with citrusy lemon glaze and our famous raspberry sauce.
Strawberries n' Cream Mini DonutsDeliciously Hot & Fluffy Vanilla Mini Donuts drizzled with our house strawberry glaze and creamy vanilla glaze and topped with whip topping.
Hot Buttery PopcornBox of Hot Buttery Popcorn
Savory Treats

Nachos & ChipsCrispy nacho chips with creamy cheddar cheese. Option to add jalapenos.

Fresh Squeezed LemonadeFresh squeezed lemonade with the juices from fresh cut lemons pressed to gets its natural juices with lemons, sweetened to perfection.
Bottle Water

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