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The Atlanta Pizza Truck

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About The Atlanta Pizza Truck

Naples native Alessio Lacco learned to cook from his grandmother and mother, mastering the art of making mozzarella, gelato, and more at an early age. At 15, he moved on to Neapolitan-style pizza and he’s been honing his skills ever since. He even studied under the prestigious chef Gaetano Esposito, who’s cooked pizza for popes and prime ministers. Now, he’s bringing his skills straight to Atlanta, GA with The Atlanta Pizza Truck.

Cooked for less than one minute at 900 degrees, these wood-fired pies possess a soft, foldable crust that makes the perfect foundation for loads of drool-worthy toppings. From a traditional margherita to more creative concoctions, nothing on the menu disappoints. Toppings gracing these masterpieces run the gamut from Calabrian spicy peppers to hot honey to beef brisket. There are even vegan options for those who adhere to a plant-based diet. Really, you can’t go wrong here, which is all the more reason to book The Atlanta Pizza Truck for your next event.


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