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The Cocktail Truck


About The Cocktail Truck

The Alcohol Heroes have been saving Georgians from monotonous sobriety for over ten years. Now they’re driving their new Cocktail Truck right up to every exciting event in town and providing the crowds with their refreshing selection of beer, wine, and premium on the rocks concoctions, all with their spectacular service, which is spectacularly intoxicating.

This fully functional bar on wheels comes equipped with everything you need, even including a margarita machine. There’s enough space for up to six bartenders who have all been trained to churn out liquid courage at an incredibly efficient rate- no matter the size of the herds.

If you’re holding out for some high-quality hooch at your next festival or event, the Alcohol Heroes has got just the trusted Cocktail Truck for you.



Mixed cocktailsUp to 250 cocktail combinations on every route. Guests can choose from common mixed drinks ( vodka tonic, rum coke) or classic cocktails ( long islands, margaritas, hurricanes, mules). Seasonal frozen and hot drink options also available. \n
BeerChoose from a variety of domestic import craft and local beers for your guests to enjoy
WineGuests can choose from a variety of red white blush and sparkling wine options. Champagne options available for weddings and toasted ceremonies \n
Non Alcoholic OptionsBar comes fully stocked with a variety of non alcoholic options for guest to enjoy
Frozen Drinks virgin and non virgin Frozen Cocktail machines available between march and November.

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