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The Ice Kitchen

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About The Ice Kitchen

Modeled after shops popping up across California and New York City, The Ice Kitchen is bringing this metropolitan trend to Atlanta, GA. Their specialty is rolled ice cream, a Thai dessert made by freezing ice cream as a flat sheet and then rolling it up into tight coils. Dessert connoisseurs need to stop by and sample these sweet treats ASAP.

The formula to saccharine bliss is simple. Start by choosing your base flavor, choices ranging from a simple sweet cream to some bittersweet espresso. Then, pick some mix-ins such as crumbled Kit Kats, caramel sauce, coconut flakes, and much, much more. Once your ice cream’s all rolled up, stop by the unlimited topping bar and complete your masterpiece by piling on even more goodies. Sweet tooth calling? Then book The Ice Kitchen for your next event and let guests create their perfect ice cream treats.


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