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The Mobile Marlay

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About The Mobile Marlay

The Mobile Marlay food truck serves Marlay House Pub fish and chips around Atlanta.

In Ireland the “Fish & Chips Van” is a staple of many a town center, sporting event and usually found near the lively pubs at closing time. Many will agree that there’s not much better than a good feed of fantastic Guinness battered fresh Cod and hand cut perfectly fried Chips after a few pints! We figured that getting The Marlay House “mobile” and sharing our dedication to great Fish & Chips outside the City of Decatur was a great way forward. It just so happens that this has coincided with the incredible energy surrounding the whole “Street Food” movement in and around Atlanta.

The Mobile Marlay offers a concise menu to include our Guinness Braised Brisket and of course Fish & Chips. You can find us at the growing number of street food events in Midtown and Downtown, or just bring us to your next event!



Fish-N-ChipsHand-cut, beer-battered cod over our house-cut chips. Served with tartar sauce.
Shrimp Tacos (2)Marinated shrimp on flour tortillas over spring mix and fresh coleslaw. Topped with chipotle aioli sauce.
Fish Tacos (2)House seasoned cod strips on flour tortillas over spring mix & coleslaw. Topped with chipotle aioli sauce.
Lobster Tacos (2)6oz Maine lobster tail split on flour tortilla over spring mix and coleslaw. Topped with chipotle aioli sauce.
Cod SandwichBeer-battered North Atlantic cod on a split top bun with spring mix, tartar sauce, and cheddar cheese with house-cut chips.
Shrimp SandwichMarinated shrimp on a split top bun with coleslaw, spring mix, and chipotle aioli sauce w. house-cut chips.
Dog-N-ChipsNathan's All Beef Kosher Hot Dog w/ house-cut chips.

House-Cut Chips
House-Made Coleslaw

Public Schedule

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