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Windell's Seafood

Windell's Seafood

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About Windell's Seafood

Windell's Seafood is the home of Anthony White's famous Blue Crab Soup. As a Washington DC native, Anthony grew up eating Maryland Blue Crabs. So to give him that feeling of home, he created Windell's Seafood in Atlanta, GA which eventually led him having the only Blue Crab Food Truck in the world. Windell's Seafood has brought the taste of Blue Crab to the South. With some signature dishes such as 'Surf-no-Turf' 'Spicy Blue Crab Soup' and the infamous 'Blue Crabmelt' Windell's Seafood is a delight to your tastebuds! So as we say 'Taste the Crab!' and follow Windell's Seafood around the Globe! 'Crabby' 'Crabby' 'Crabby!'



Windell's Seasoned Fries Seasoned Fries
Harbor Hush Puppies Sweet or Onion breaded hush puppies
Windell's Drizzle Sauce Sweet and spicy dipping sauce

CupCake of the DayCupcake

Sweet Tea Brewed Sweet tea with a splash of lemon
Peach TeaBrewed Tea with Peach flavor
Mint TeaBrewed Sweet Tea with mint flavor
Peach Lemonade Sweet Lemonade with Peach flavor
Strawberry LemonadeSweet Lemonade with Strawberry flavor

Windell's Big Melt Hand-picked blue crab, fried shrimp and melted assorted cheese with the infamous Windell's Drizzle sauce on Texas toast. With a side of fries.
Windell's Crab MeltHand-picked Blue crab and melted assorted cheeses with Windell's Drizzle sauce on texas toast with a side of fries.
Surf-No-TurfHand-picked Blue crabmeat, Fried Shrimp and melted assorted cheese, with Infamous Windell's Drizzle sauce covering seasoned fries. With Hushpuppies,
GoGo Shrimp Basket Fried Shrimp with hush puppies and seasoned fries with a side of our famous drizzle.
Fish and Chips Seasoned Battered Cod Fish with a side of seasoned fries with hush puppies.
Cheese Clapper and Fries Grilled Cheese with or without our special Windell's Drizzle Sauces and Seasoned Fries
Cheese Clapper and Spicy Crab Soup Grill Cheese with or without our Windell's Drizzle sauce and Windell's Spicy Crab Soup
Cheese Clapper and Carolyn's Seafood SaladGrill Cheese on Texas Toast with or without our Windell's Drizzle sauce and Seafood Salad
Spicy Crab Soup and Fried Shrimp Spicy Crab Soup (mix seafood and vegetables) and Old Bay Seasoned Shrimp
Cheese Clapper and Shrimp Grill Cheese with Old Bay Seasoned Fried Shrimp
Spicy Blue Crab soup and Carolyn's Seafood SaladSpicy Blue Crab soup (mix Seafood and vegetable gumbo mix) and Seafood salad (pasta mix with crabmeat and shrimp with seasoning
Carolyn's Seafood Salad and Fried Shrimp Delicious Crab and Shrimp salad and Old Bay seasoned Shrimp
Big Fish Seasoned Battered Cod Fish on Texas Toast topped with with melted cheese, Coleslaw, and Windell's Drizzle Sauce. Side of Seasoned Fries
Ala Carte

Shrimp TacoFried Shrimp on a soft tortilla top with salsa, cheese, coleslaw and Windell's Drizzle
Windell's Ramen (MP)Ramen Noodles with a mixture of blue crabmeat, seafood mix and assorted gumbo vegetables with spicy old bay seasoned broth.
Denise Backyard Friesand-picked blue crab and melted assorted cheese, covering seasoned fries.
Windell's Famous Blue Crab Soup Hand-picked blue crab, seafood mixture, mixed vegetables, and assorted seasonings.
Carolyn's Seafood SaladHand-picked Blue Crabmeat, shrimp, celery, onions, carrots, and assorted seasoning over pasta.
Blue Crab TacoBlue Crabmeat on a soft tortilla top with salsa, cheese, coleslaw and Windell's Drizzle
Fish TacoCod fish on a soft tortilla top with salsa, cheese, coleslaw and Windell's Drizzle

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Windell's Seafood.