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About Yumbii

Yumbii is rollin' on up to a curb near you, a gourmet restaurant on wheels that's rolling out tacos on a whole new level of delicious. Plus other great street eats, too. It's a food truck, after all, and Yumbii is the intersection of yummy and social media interactions, coming together on a full bodied menu built to satisfy.

At Yumbii, you're getting designer meals designed by the illustrious Chef Tomas Lee of Hankook Taqueria in Westside. With a title like that, it's no wonder he's able to create these world class eats on the streets, in a myriad of mouthwatering forms. Take, for example, his signature tacos, stuffing in the likes of Asian ribeye beef, spicy pulled pork, stir fried tofu and KBBQ chicken with spicy Korean chili sauce in the mix. Or get those meats stuffed in a burrito, atop a rice bowl, or smushed together with oh so much cheese in a quesadilla. Not to mention the Yumbii Philly, Yumbii wings and Yumbii nachos. Really, it's all Yumbii at Yumbii, so why wait? Track down this electric blue truck that's described as 'Asian Cool' by the locals, or have 'em cater your next event in Atlanta, GA. Either way, you're in for a Yumbii experience through and through.



Sesame FriesTossed in sesame oil and Yumbii's own special spice mix (not spicy). Served with chipotle ketchup or regular ketchup.

BurritosTopped with our homemade Korean BBQ sauce, soy-sesame vinaigrette salad, shredded jack cheese and served with a side of our homemade chipotle sour cream.
Yumbii Quesadilla A protein of your choice topped with with shredded jack cheese and homemade Korean BBQ sauce pressed on our flat top and served with a side of our homemade chipotle sour cream.
Yumbii SlidersSpicy pulled pork topped with mayo, shredded jack cheese, soy-sesame vinaigrette salad, and our homemade cucumber kimchi.
Yumbii PhillyMarinated Asian beef, chicken, pork, or tofu in a 8" freshly baked French roll topped with cucumber kimchi, onions, and Sriracha cheese sauce
Fish TacosPanko-crusted tilapia with hoisin-tartar sauce, spicy Korean BBQ sauce, and soy sesame salad
TacosTopped with our homemade Korean BBQ sauce and soy-sesame vinaigrette salad. Served on flour tortillas. Corn tortillas upon request.
$12 Per Person 2 Tacos + Sesame Fries + Drink or 3 Tacos + Drink

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Yumbii.