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Paella Fantastica


About Paella Fantastica

Paella Fantastica is keeping things pretty simple for the good folks of Bozeman, Montana. They serve paella. Simple, delicious, simply delicious paella. That's it, but it's so much more than that, because this paella comes from a family recipe passed down over generations, too good not to share. And now, they're sharing it at local fairs and festivals, popping up with some simply good paella.

Just what makes Paella Fantastica's paella so fantastic? It starts with their commitment to use only the freshest quality ingredients, making their signature dish fresh on the daily. Get their signature seafood paella with fresh seafood, including tender shrimp morsels and mussels, or get their specialty paella mixta with chicken and red chilis in the mix. Either way, this is a foodie experience you don't wanna miss. So don't wait. Instead, find Paella Fantastica's pop up for paella with a flavor that simply pops. Trust us. It's well worth it.

Paella - because obviously. Need we say more?


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