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About Poutine & Stuff

Poutine & Stuff's got poutine. If it weren't already obvious enough by the namesake, it should become obvious when you feast your eyes upon this food truck, with the word POUTINE emblazoned on the side. And when you get a mouthful of the stuff, the quality and taste will make it obvious why it's a favorite in Bozeman, Montana.

That's because at Poutine & Stuff, they're using only the freshest quality ingredients in made to order eats on the streets. Their signature dish poutine is made up of a piping hot bed of french fries, fried to golden brown perfection and topped with homemade gravy and a bunch of cheese curds. But that's not all. See, the stuff is also a part of this big menu built to satisfy, and it consists of crispy chicken wings in a myriad of tastebud tantalizing flavors, including classics like honey BBQ and mild to salt & pepper (a Canadian specialty), Jamaican sweet and even gravy for poutine wings you won't find anywhere else. So why wait? Venture on out to the streets of Bozeman to get poutine & stuff from Poutine & Stuff, or invite 'em to bring it all to your next event. It's a surefire way to satisfaction.

Poutine - there's not much more we can say, other than this Canadian specialty is done just right and completely authentic thanks to the talented chefs that run this food truck


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