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Atlanta Food Truck Catering, Tuesday, December 12

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Atlanta Food Truck Catering, Tuesday, December 12

Atlanta Food Truck Locations

There are 2 food trucks out in public locations in Atlanta today for those seeking a fantastic meal. You can see the food truck map and details on our Truck Locations page. Here is the list: Don Fausto's is at Gray Construction (751 Great Valley Pkwy NE Cartersville, GA) 11am-1pm, Gekko Food Truck is at The Blue Room (Politan Row at Colony Square) 2-3pm.

Atlanta Food Trucks at Breweries

Come on down to Atlanta breweries today for a taste and a sip of some good old holiday spirits! Breakdown Burger is at Truck & Tap Alpharetta (30 Milton Ave, Alpharetta, GA) 4-9pm, Lil Pizza is at Six Bridges Brewing (11455 Lakefield Dr #300, Johns Creek, GA) 5-9pm.

Atlanta Food Trucks at Apartment/Office Locations

We could not find any food trucks at FTC serviced apartments/offices today.

Atlanta Food Truck Events

There are no food food truck events today.

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