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Los Angeles Food Trucks and Breweries: Made for One Another

There are literally hundreds of breweries in the LA area. You can see a pretty complete list here. Although maybe not immediately apparent, food truck and craft brewery businesses have a lot in common. Both are typically local. Both are entrepreneurial, fighting for business with the American spirit, providing products that American consumers crave. Both have lots of competition, which drives their competitive spirit and the quality of their products. And fortunately for all of us, in most cases they need one another. Food trucks don't have craft beer out of a tap. Breweries, in general, don't have food. Food trucks essentially provide a rotating food menu. With different food trucks rotating through the brewery, customers can enjoy a different meal with each visit, or plan to come when they know their favorite food trucks will be at the brewery. The pairing is so American.

Los Angeles Breweries with Food Trucks

Food Truck Connector (FTC) has investigated the Los Angeles brewery scene and found out which breweries are most likely to have food trucks. These breweries are displayed on this page in the map above. Just click on any of the breweries in the panel and you will be taken to the map location of the brewery. Click on the brewer from the map location and you will be taken to the brewer's website.

For those brewers with shareable public food truck calendars, FTC also displays which food truck will be at the brewery. Unlike a restaurant, food trucks can give variety to the brewer menu when the brewer rotates different food trucks through the brewery every day!

Most Popular Los Angeles Food Truck Breweries

There are a number of breweries that rotate food trucks every day: the most popular are Los Angeles Ale Works (both in Carson and Hawthorne), Frogtown Brewery in northeast Los Angeles along the L.A. River, and Alosta Brewing Company in Covina. Check out this page and the brewers website to find which food trucks will be at a brewery near you.

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