Los Angeles Food Truck

Los Angeles Food Truck Eats

Slice of Basbousa Cake from Chicaterranean halal food

Basbousa Cake, also known as Namoura or Harissa, is rich and dense with a rustic texture from semolina, and a sticky sweetness from rose or orange blossom-scented sugar syrup.

The Special from MOOM MAAM - Artisanal Thai Gelato

MOOM MAAM immersive experience consisting of a gluten-free coconut waffle, your choice of gelato, coconut sticky rice, and toasted grated coconut with caramelized palm sugar on top. as - Jenn Harris (Los Angeles Times) recommended in her article. "For a semifrozen version of mango sticky rice, order your special with fior di cocco and mango. The flavors are instantly recognizable, only semi-frozen." https://www.latimes.com/food/story/2022-06-13/wat-thai-temple-food-court-thai-food-sun-valley

Chicken Caprese Quesadilla from Fagiolos Cocina

Chicken, basil, mozzarella cheese and grape tomatoes in a quesadilla

Shredded Pork Chile Verde Bowl from Bowled and Beautiful

Tender Shredded Pork, smothered in warm Chile Verde Sauce & Jack Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans, then drizzled w/ homemade Crème Fraiche & fresh Mango Salsa, crunchy tortilla strips top it off!

Warm Churros from Cheddr Wheel

Warm churros with a nutella drizzle and sweetened condensed milk drizzle

Cheeseburger from St. Florian Catering

Lettuce, Beef Patty, Cheese, Onion, Dill Cucumber, Tomato, BurgerSauce