Los Angeles Food Truck

Los Angeles Food Truck Eats

Liege Belgium Chicken n Waffle Skewers from Occasion Food Truck

Buttery brioche consistency and pockets of sweet sticky sugar throughout an authentic Liege Waffle. Served with a panko crusted chicken tender seasoned with secret spice!

Pork Belly Sisig Bowl from Achara Filipino

Pork Belly that has been slow cooked, deep fried, chopped up and finished on the grill with a Filipino blend of spices. Paired with steamed rice, mango salsa and achara.

(2) AL PASTOR STREET TACOS from Chanchos Food Truck

Soft corn tortillas with your choice of meat topped with onions, cilantro and red (spicy) or green (medium) salsa.

Creole parm n truffle fries (Remoulade Aioli) from Occasion Food Truck

Fresh cut potatoes, fried and tossed with white truffle oil and Parmesan Cheese.

Loaded Tater Tots from Cheddr Wheel

your choice of : Pesto w/t parmesan cheese, buffalo sauce w/t nacho cheese, bbq sauce w/t cheddar cheese, and hot cheeto dust w/t nacho cheese

Pork Belly Sisig Fries from Achara Filipino

Fries topped with Jack Cheese, Pork Belly Sisig and Chili Garlic Sauce

Beef/Lamb Gyros in Vromiko Bread from Kalamaki Greek La

Beef/Lamb Gyros (beef and Lamb mix ground meat) in Vromiko Bread.(8inch soft bread grilled like French baguette) Served w/fries ,tomatoes,red onions and Greek yogurt all in Vromiko Bread.

FRANKIE from India Jones

An indian Roti (flat bread), egg washed & rolled up like a burrito with chopped onions, tamarind chutney & one of the following items:LAMB / CHICKEN / BEEF / SHRIMP / PANEER / MUSHROOM & CHEESE