Los Angeles Food Truck

Los Angeles Food Truck Eats

Vietnamese Nachos from Mandoline Grill

Crispy corn tortilla chips with choice of meat, topped with jalapeno, mint, cilantro, scallion oil and sriracha oil

Brisket from The Smokehouse BBQ

Beef Brisket• Slaw Garnish • Brioche Bun• Choice of 1 side


Corn tortilla chips topped with beans, nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and sour cream. - Add Chicken - Add Carne Asada

Daydream fried chicken sandwiches from daydream

Homemade batter fried chicken with lettuce and our special sauce

BBQ Pulled PORK Bowl from Bowled and Beautiful

Tender shredded Pork smothered in Tangy BBQ sauce & melted Cheddar Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans & topped w/ fresh made Citrus Slaw, Confetti Corn Relish & crunchy wontons too!

KTM SLIDERS (2) from Me So Hungry

w/ Marinated Short Ribs, Pepper Jack Cheese, Crispy Onions and Spicy Spicy Crème Fraîche

SHRIMP TACOS from Chanchos Food Truck

Sauteed shrimp, served on warm corn tortillas, topped with cabbage and our homemade guacamole cream dressing.