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Beef/Lamb Gyros in Vromiko Bread from Kalamaki Greek La

Beef/Lamb Gyros (beef and Lamb mix ground meat) in Vromiko Bread.(8inch soft bread grilled like French baguette) Served w/fries ,tomatoes,red onions and Greek yogurt all in Vromiko Bread.

Shredded Pork Chile Verde Bowl from Bowled and Beautiful

Tender Shredded Pork, smothered in warm Chile Verde Sauce & Jack Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans, then drizzled w/ homemade Crème Fraiche & fresh Mango Salsa, crunchy tortilla strips top it off!

Schnitzl Burger from Fettes Schwein

breaded, deep fried pork chop in a ciabatta with lettuce, tomato, onions and 1000-Island-Sauce

Loaded Tater Tots from Cheddr Wheel

your choice of : Pesto w/t parmesan cheese, buffalo sauce w/t nacho cheese, bbq sauce w/t cheddar cheese, and hot cheeto dust w/t nacho cheese

Shrimp Po Boy (fried or grilled) from Occasion Food Truck

Traditional skinny French roll layered with fried or grilled Louisiana Gulf Shrimp, crisp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, dill pickles, remoulade spread (mayo based sauce with added spices, similar to tartar sauce not completely), and drizzled with a house Nola sauce.

Chicken or Pork BBQ Skewers Bowl from Achara Filipino

Grilled Pork or Chicken marinated in traditional Filipino BBQ mix. Paired with garlic rice and achara.

Freddo Capuccino from Kalamaki Greek La

Cold espresso w/thick milk cream on top