Los Angeles Food Truck

Los Angeles Food Truck Eats

Beignets with powdered sugar (5 pieces) from Occasion Food Truck

New Orleans popular fried doughnuts layered with powdered sugar. Add Strawberry Compote topping!

Lobster Burrito from Jogasaki

Crab meat, avocado, cucumber and baked langostino wrapped w/ soy paper

Golden State Roll from Jogasaki

Deep fried california roll dressed w/ eel sauce

Chinese Steak/Chicken Bowl from Bowled and Beautiful

Grilled, Grass-fed Steak or Chicken Breast & Fresh Shredded Veggies, stir-fried together in a tangy, sweet Hoisin & Apricot Sauce, served over fresh Salad Greens & Rice & topped w/crunchy wontons & green onions.

Loaded Tater Tots from Cheddr Wheel

your choice of : Pesto w/t parmesan cheese, buffalo sauce w/t nacho cheese, bbq sauce w/t cheddar cheese, and hot cheeto dust w/t nacho cheese