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About Ansi Treats

Ansi Treats is treating all of Los Angeles, CA with some truly unique eats on the streets. It's a food truck that's got a whole lot in the way of authentic Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine on board, a surefire way to tantalize your tastebuds and curb your hunger on the curb.

Sure, it's easy enough to claim authenticity when it comes to exotic cuisines. But Ansi Treats backs it up, seeings how they're a family from Venezuela that love to cook and share their home country's cuisine. From crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside arepas stuffed with black beans and plantains and a ham and cheese variant to tequenas and patacon, rest assured you'll get your fill here. But that's not all. Ansi Treats has created what they're calling a Freakshake: a creamy milkshake loaded with sweet treats including whole slices of cake and candy. Mouth watering yet? We thought so. All the more reason to find Ansi Treats in LA, or have 'em out to cater your next event. Either way, they aim to please and hit the mark every time.



ArepasGrilled or fried precooked corn flour bun with your choice of fillings
EmpanadasCorn fried turnover
PastelitosFlour fried turnover
TortasA bolillo sandwich ( crunchy outside, soft inside) with Swiss cheese, avocado slices, tomato, onion, lettuce, jalapeño, chipotle sauce, mayo, and your favorite meat
PataconTwice-fried plantain with ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, egg, potato sticks, and bacon
SaladCheese, chicken, lettuce, tomato, olive, bacon, and avocado
Ansi's FriesChorizo, beef, chicken, bacon, mac & cheese, cheese, and fries
Kid's MealsYour choice of delicious options for your little ones
Patacón Plantain Burger. Melted Swiss cheese, ham, fried egg and bacon with your favorite shredded meat, potato sticks, lettuce and tomatoes with sauces and a sweet crunchy deep fried plantain bun.

Coffee-Cookie Bites ShakeCookiewish, cappuccino cake, oreo cookie crumble, and hazelnut shake
Sweet n' Salty Caramel ShakeIce cream cone, three milk coconut pineapple cake, pretzels, peanut butter cups, and dulce de leche shake
Veganize Fruity Acai ShakeDark-chocolate dipped fruit kabob, acai cookiewish, coconut granola, and acai shake
Red Velvet Fusion ShakeMacarrons, red velvet cake, kisses, m&ms, and strawberry shake

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