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Aunt Emma's Popcorn

Aunt Emma's Popcorn

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About Aunt Emma's Popcorn

Aunt Emma's Popcorn is known all over Los Angeles for popping up the best popcorn in the city. Now, the corn's popped and they've hopped in to a food truck, taking the gourmet popcorn show on the road.

When this popcorn connoisseur was younger, his Aunt Emma shared a kernel of knowledge: the secret to popcorn greatness is in the seasoning. And she was right. He's keeping with family tradition, sharing her recipes with a variety of flavors both savory and sweet to get your tastebuds popping. You'll find Aunt Emma's Popcorn truck popping up all over the place, so get hopping to get popping that popcorn straight into your mouth where it belongs.



Kettle CornA scrumptious treat of sweet and salty goodness will satisfy all your cravings
Caramel CornThe sweet, buttery crunch of this popcorn is nothing short of addicting.
Cheesy CheeseA delicious coating of mild cheddar cheese that makes this flavor hard to put down.
ChurroA mild, yet delicious cinnamon zest gives the deep, authentic flavor of a classic Churro.
Spicy CheeseThis zesty popcorn has a nice, little kick of fiery deliciousness.
Cheesy CaramelSweet caramel mixed with a smooth, mild cheddar cheese gives this popcorn a tangy taste that is to die for.
Cheesy KettleSweet and salty Kettle mixed with a delicious coating of mild cheddar cheese makes for a lip-smacking treat.
Chicago StyleA sweet and savory blend of our cheese and caramel flavors will have you wanting more.

Public Schedule

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