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Baby Love Sweetery

Baby Love Sweetery

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About Baby Love Sweetery

Baby Love Sweetery is giving Los Angeles a whole lot to love. Because who doesn't love desserts? Not anyone we can think of, except maybe those who are limited in choices due to dietary restrictions. That's where Baby Love Sweetery comes in, reinventing a myriad of sweet treats for vegans to enjoy. And we couldn't think of a more perfect place to do so.

The epicenter of vegandom lies in LA, and no one knew this more than Chef Krysten Littles. Having grown up in Philly around her grandma's irresistible baked goods, she put in the time to alter her family recipes to vegan. Known locally as the cake lady for her irresistibly delicious goods, she soon moved to California, and the rest is history. Here, she's out to educate sweet tooth cravers with healthy alternative baking ingredients and practices with a mouthwatering assortment of sweet treats. Berry vanilla, banana split, churros & cream, Mexican chocolate cakes and cupcakes. Chocolate chip walnut brownies. Lemon, vanilla sugar and ginger spice cookies. Honestly, if this isn't enough to get you to visit, we don't know what else to tell you. Except this: Baby Love Sweetery is available to cater your next event. Either that or find the cart in LA. The pie's the limit with this one.


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