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Ballout Burgerz

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About Ballout Burgerz

Ballout Burgerz has been feeding the San Fernando Valley delicious gourmet burgers since January, 2020. Liam (founder) had a business relationship without a man who owned a food truck. He noticed the truck was never moving, always parked in the same place. There are these burgers with a home made sauce from back home that Liam loves to make and thought it would be a good idea to sell them in LA. They worked a deal and got the necessary paperwork to begin working.

Boy, was Liam right. People lined up down the block as soon as those patties went on the grill. People wanted the sauce for the burger, the fries, and for home. People really love their burgers and they have developed beautiful relationships with the breweries we cater to throughout the Valley and California.


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