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Benihibachi Grill


About Benihibachi Grill

Any self-respecting fan of Japanese fare has a soft spot for teppanyaki. Who can resist meats cooked up on a grill and immediately transferred to your plate to enjoy? At Benihibachi Grill, you won’t have to endure waiting at a sit-down restaurant to chow down. This food truck brings teppanyaki to the streets of Los Angeles, so don’t hesitate to hit it up if you’re craving some savory eats.

The menu pretty much runs the gamut of teppanyaki options. You’ll find seafood like lobster and shrimp, choices of beef ranging from filet mignon to New York steak, and of course some tasty chicken breast for poultry fans. Whichever meat you choose, it’ll come served over steamed rice and veggies for a filling and nutritious meal. If you want to kick it up a notch, ask for any one of the delectable sauces to slather over your food. You can go for the mild taste of garlic butter or singe your tastebuds with some diablo sauce. Getting hungry? Stop by and enjoy the food. If you love it, book Benihibachi Grill for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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